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We provide no cost urgent dental care to the uninsured, low income, unqualified & overlooked citizens residing in the western portion of Orange County, Florida. Our second initative is our "Jump Start" program where we give West Orange residents the opportunity to become Restorable​​​​​​​​​​​​ to Employable.

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    "WODA" is a new initiative of the West Orange Health Alliance. They originally formed, and continue today, to serve as a healthcare collaborative to promote and protect the health and well-being of families residing in West Orange. Since 2002, the West Orange Health Alliance has helped fund, assist and collaborate with local healthcare providers who in turn provided healthcare to West Orange residents. Thanks to funding from the West Orange Health Alliance the West Orange Dental Alliance program has been possible. "WODA" is now making emergent dental care available to qualifying residents of West Orange. With the support from our community, the West Orange Dental Alliance is able to coordinate and enable our caring local dentists, who have graciously volunteered to participate in this program, who serve patients in their offices to help create smiles that give hope and improve lives.

Total Transformation

Referred by: Florida Hospital - Apopka ER
Getting accepted in this program really changed my life, in the long run it probably saved it. I could not ask for a better staff of lady's who care not even knowing who you are or where you come from. No matter if you were feeling down about the procedure or whatever the issue may be, they always had a way to cheer u up and make u feel safe and comfortable.  Since I've received my new beautiful smile I've started a new job as a dispatcher. I really feel that having a pretty smile landed me this job. I've always worked at clothing stores, now I'm in my own office at a desk. My whole life I've always wanted, wished and prayed for a pretty smile. You just don't know the years of pain and swollen faces I've been through, must be over 100 trips to the ER. I am very thankful for all of this. When I tell my story to people I cry every time, honestly EVERYTIME....but it’s happy tears and how caring people can still be these days. If I ever become wealthy I want to do the same thing for people. Help them in a way that's life changing. Thank you West Orange Dental Alliance & a special thank you to the beautiful ladies who were there walking with me every step of the way. You are the sun, in my dark sky!!!
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"I want to thank the West Orange Dental Alliance for all the help they and volunteers provided me in getting my extractions and my dentures. I am so happy and proud of my new smile and confidence. Without all of your help I wouldn't be able to smile and feel confident".
​​​​​LONG, S.​ Referred by: Shepherds Hope
"I want to thank the WODA for providing me the dental services of having my teeth removed and getting an upper denture. I am now infection free, healing well and on the way to better maintaining my diabetes. This would have been impossible without the assistance of the WODA. I want to say a special thank you to Dr. Titus and staff and Tiffany. They were very professional and very caring. The WODA and everyone associated with the alliance is a true asset to the West Orange community".
WINTER, E. Referred by: Website
Before the WODA program, my confidence level wasn't very high, my self esteem level as well. I'm one of those people that like smiling and with the bad teeth I wasn't able to do that anymore. Now I can smile again. Thanks to everyone involved in this smile changing program. LIGON, T.
Referred by: Maxey Community Center
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Double Take

Right Back to Work

 I taught my daughters to take care of their teeth, and today, they have nice teeth and beautiful smiles. I however did not practice what I preached. Somewhere along the way I gave up on taking care of my teeth because of fear of the drill, needles and the dental equipment that looked scary. My teeth eventually began to chip, break off and decay. I went years with my mouth resembling that of a jack-o-lantern. As I’ve aged my life has changed in that I am represented more and more in the public eye through my church. I started to feel ashamed to smile or speak publicly, as the years progressed, my confidence and self-esteem seemed to be diminished, but because of my faith in God, I knew that he would guide me in the right direction. I remember filing out the application to become a candidate for the program and thinking that this will just turn into another disappointment like all the other programs I have applied for. I cannot express enough appreciation for their help because when I caught my first glimpse of myself in a mirror with my new smile, I could not help but cry…tears of joy. Today my confidence has increased tremendously, and my self-esteem has been boosted. I feel like the old me again and I have Dr. Briceno (Oral Surgeon), Titus Dental (Cosmetic Dentist), Affordable Dentures (Appliances) and WODA to thank for giving me so much while they gained so little. God bless each and every one of them.    
Referred by: Christian Service Center
  ​MY SMILE IS FABULOUS! I really appreciate the help from you guys!!! I love my new smile and I'm ready to adventure into the world of opportunity. Keep doing good work! It will be well appreciated. Jones, D.
Referred by: Maxey Community Center
  I was very happy when I smiled and there were no open spaces. I feel better when talking to people and find it not so embarrassing to smile or start a conversation. Thank you so much West Orange Dental Alliance, you have given me a NEW ATTITUDE!!!!!!  G. BRUCE 
Referred by: Christian Service Center