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“Access to dental care is a huge need everywhere but it became more real to me when I spent a short time working with the homeless population helping to address their dental needs. From women and children all the way up to the elderly, the needs were vast and there were so few options for patients to get the help they needed and so they suffered. It was through that experience that I determined to find a way to help with access to care for those who were struggling financially and simply would not be able to receive care on their own.  Due to the West Orange Dental Alliance, we have a unique opportunity to be a part of a network of providers that can reach out to those in need and help them right here in our own offices and receive a reimbursement that will cover our costs. As we build our network, we will share stories of how lives are impacted and hopefully we can make a difference for our neighbors who have not been as fortunate in life as many of us have.       I look forward to meeting with you and explaining more about what we are trying to accomplish and how we hope to do it”.

Dr. Deborah Titus
Practicing since 1991